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awareness & branding campaign

breast cancer awareness for Pfizer


To educate the public on the major types of breast cancer and debunk common breast cancer myths.


A casual video featuring a walking interview with the doctor, conducted in personable dialogue. Educational information is delivered with the doctor standing in front of the camera, supported by engaging graphics.


The video’s conversational style is intentionally crafted to provide an engaging delivery of otherwise ‘dry’ health information. The Client’s objective was to remove the public’s apprehension about consulting doctors. We addressed this by including personal elements of the featured doctors, making them more approachable and personable to the viewer.

content marketing

product awareness of Heng's satay celup & crispy prawn chilli


To increase consumer awareness of Client‘s Satay Celup and their range of Crispy Chilli Paste.


Funny & heartwarming dialogue in the local Hokkien dialect to reach Client’s target customer group in Malaysia’s Northern Region. This is paired with adorable graphics and effects to create a warm, cheerful atmosphere, evoking happiness in the viewer.


Featured Client’s range of cooking pastes being used as part of Chinese New Year celebrations, strategically riding on CNY hype. This timely video increased public awareness of the products. Included a step-by-step guide teaching viewers how to prepare steamboat soups, simultaneously showcasing the Client’s Satay Celup paste.

health-related video campaign

medical information made easy-to-understand


To address frequently asked questions by patients and caregivers, delivering health information in an easy-to-understand manner.


Presentation-style video. The professional’s delivery is supported by engaging graphics, visual aids, videos as well as articles available online. 


Complex health information is transformed into bite-sized videos, making it more accessible to the everyday viewer. These videos simplify medical jargon into layman terms, and are accompanied by animated graphics. The graphics allow dense facts to be illustrated visually, boosting the viewer’s understanding and retention.

corporate marketing video

sales-oriented videos to attract student enrolment


To increase visibility for both Wesley Methodist Schools (Private) in the local communities.


Engaging delivery of the school’s selling points by actual teachers, parents and students of the school, supported with strategic footage around the school.


We centred the video around a scripted narrative of the school’s strengths. We coached actual teachers of the school to deliver the scripted lines in a dynamic manner that entices parents to consider enrolling their child at the school.

product placement

strategic product placement for
Vinda Tissues & Yeos


A documentary-style interview with a family about their annual kuih kapit making tradition, riding on the hype of Chinese New Year. Along with rich storytelling and a strong intergenerational message, the video strategically featured the Clients’ products throughout. 


To show the versatile usage of two different products from Vinda Tissues, namely Vinda’s kitchen paper towel and Vinda’s facial tissue.


To reinforce brand association of Yeo’s drinks with Chinese New Year celebrations.


We demonstrated the versatility and convenience of Vinda’s tissue products amidst a heartwarming video that draws in audiences.


In the video, we strategically showed Yeo’s drinks being given from one relative to another, and featured them on the reunion table. This reinforced the association of Yeo’s drinks with Chinese New Year celebrations, how they are a traditional centrepiece at the heart of family gatherings.

photography & videography

food styling & product photography and videography for Mulubee


Styling the Client’s product in various festive settings for application in Client’s marketing collaterals and social media pages.


Showcasing the application of Client’s honey while styling the product with natural elements to appeal to Client’s target group of health-conscious consumers.

branding & packaging

branding revamp: website, logo and packaging design for Mulubee


Creating a premium image for the Client’s brand by redesigning the Client’s logo to give it a minimalist contemporary feel, while overhauling their plastic packaging into premium glass bottles with stamped cork caps.


Achieving Client’s request for carton packaging to reflect sustainability and the natural element of Client’s mountainous stingless bee honey.

design & development

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